My name is Wolfgang Maximiliano Kaufmann. I discovered this path through a personal stroke of fate. The burden of my daughter made me go unfamiliar ways. I graduated from the international academy of shamanism. There I recognised quickly that it will take a long time before I could help my sick daughter. This path led me into the jungle of Peru where I first met Don Augustin Rivas Vasquez (journey to Peru), one of the most acclaimed shamans in this world. He became my mentor, friend and companion, in all of my work, for almost a decade now.

As a coach and trainer I have learned the techniques of neuroscience to resolve stressors from the limbic system, where all our mental worries and fears lie. I developed this foundation for the past 12 years and so a symbiosis arised to the shamanism and this I call Neuro Shamanic Work. Together with my soulmate Helena I want to support those who are disappointed in life and fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel and seek help. It shows new approaches to finding solutions for oneself. In the spiritual area.

My name is Helena Vojinovic. As the YIN to the SOY, the female aspect I work together with Wolfgang Maximiliano, side by side. My path was marked out since my early childhood, when I left my lovely home, because of civil war in the land. This and the subsequent fateful events and encounters have led me to take this unconventional path.

In love, full consciousness and mindfulness, I follow my path. The earth and the universe is an infinite mystery with all its creatures and wisdom.

I have the honor to get to know Wolfgang’s wide range of neurological knowledge (see below). I am being trained to be a stress- and mental coach since 2016. With all the knowledge Wolfgang Maximiliano has gained through the years, he has refined and adapted the neuroscientific methods (so called Neuro Shamanic Work) due to many years of experience, so I am able to offer you a special support. This enables us to support the client most efficiently. For years I have been an observer and listener in individual coaching sessions and have supported Wolfgang at his work. Under supervision, my current coachin sessions take place.

Together we travel to the jungle of Peru to study at Wolfgangs’s shamanic father in Yushintaita (way of the spirit). In 2017, we traveled to  Peru to Tarrapoto and Pucallpa, where we visited diets and healing ceremonies with various shamans and one female shaman too (Elisa, on the shore of Yarinacocha).

As the female part, it is a real affair of the heart to coach and work with women for women. So that we can awaken our feminine energy and creative power.

Wolfgang Maximiliano Kaufmann

         education and activities

  • ROMPC- advisor and coach (Relationship-Oriented Meridian-based Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching) at Thomas, Kassel, institute for transactional analysis and integrative depth psychology
  • Stress and mental coach at Dr. F. Reinisch, Kurhaus St. Radegund
  • qualified HMI (Hypnotic Mind Design Instructor) at Franz Pissinger, Wien
  • International Academy for Shamanism from Kurt Fenkart, Niederösterreich
  • Initiated through Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, Peru/Amazonas
  • Certiefied Space Coach of the Space Coach Academy, Alexander Maria Faßbender, certified and licensed by European Coaching Association (ECA) and International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • SSI Scuba School International Dive Con Instructor

  • Helena Vojinovic

    academic education

    • Master Study law University Vienna (interests: human rights, environmental law, labour law)


    • Neuro Shamanic Diplom (Stress and trauma treatment, diagnostic testing procedures, techniques for solving stress patterns, recognition and treatment of developmental psychology fixings) since 2016
    • Initiated through Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, Peru/Amazonas
    • Tensegrity, the knowledge of the toltecs


    • Stress- und Mentalcoaching
    • individual coachings
    • group seminars
    • shamanic journeys
    • rituals for self-healing (inner child, trounce drum, meridians, …)
    • solving stress patterns
    • moonrituals
    • Seminars: Empowering woman to woman
    • chakrasbalance